Jun 17, 2021

Celebrity super agent, 2017 RTVAS ballot award nominated reality television star, and social media influencer Mr. Barry Mezey has self financed and created B1GBTV OTT Television Network in an independent strategic partnership deal with Vimeo OTT Network’s

  Mezey Holdings, has announced today that it’s founder and CEO Mr. Barry Mezey has created a new independent strategic partnership deal with Vimeo OTT Network’s for B1GBTV OTT Television network on smart devices including web based, smart tv, iOS and Android capable technologies. is the official website of the new OTT B1GBTV platform. B1GBTV Membership is only $1.99 per month for unlimited highly energetic, hysterically funny and entertaining upbeat content with a free three day trial period all while, 10% of the network’s total yearly net profits go to directly benefit autism charity.   Mezey Holdings, today announced a new independent strategic partnership deal with Vimeo OTT Network’s for a new state of the art platform for Mr. Mezey to showcase his funny, energetic, entertaining, and crazy daily life on the OTT network’s platform for Vimeo. Mr. Mezey will feature his upcoming smash hit reality series “B1G B” as well as daily life and live content in segments where you can see his genius and madness being the perfect disrupter as he has always been to the sports and celebrity marketing industry. Mezey is currently looking for other low budget finished films and television series to sign for distribution deals as well on his newly mind blowing and insane OTT Network platform. Mezey is focusing his content on the individual or small business owner that needs a platform to showcase their voice on minority and mental health issue based film and television projects. Mezey has always been a mentor to those with special needs being high functioning asperger autistic, special needs, and bipolar himself struggling with mental illness his entire life. Now Mezey wants to give a voice to film and television projects that focus on combatting mental health, racism and anti-semitism in our society today.   Mezey was recently wrongfully incarcerated for 18 months and coerced into signing a sloppy unconstitutional plea agreement for misdemeanors in a misunderstanding with federal authorities due to his lifelong struggles with mental illness and was wrongfully targeted by the U.S. Department Of Justice.  Mezey while incarcerated saw the injustices going on against the broken federal and state prison systems that have failed the mentally ill and saw massive amounts of racial inequality. While inside federal detention from 2018 - 19 Mezey was sexually assaulted by being groped by a liutenent in FMC Butner and had his face bashed in so badly by federal officers and inmates in each FDC Miami and FMC Butner that Mezey now suffers from permanent brian, knee, spine and shoulder injuries which the Federal Bureau Of Prisons has refused to make restitution on. Mezey, now a free man, is now focusing his efforts on prison reform for the mentally ill as well as racial injustices he personally witnessed. This is precisely why Mezey has created B1GBTV to give a voice to the voiceless through the medium of film and television series that focus on inequality and mental illness so the world can hopefully become a better place for all of us in our own individual right to shine and be that bright star we all want to be.   Contact: Mezey Holdings. Email: Instagram: @barrymezey Tweet

Jun 17, 2021

CPI and dVest Announce the Launch of dDEXX - An Automated Market Maker based DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network

Traders and token holders of all kinds can now earn massive rewards on the dDEXX liquidity pools and yield farms. June 16th, 2021 — Fresh off the recent acquisition of the dVest Project portfolio and launch of the DeFiVest liquidity protocol, CPI Dev Team, Ltd. — the parent company of the Crypto Price Index project — has announced the launch of the dDEXX Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain. In addition to the traditional exchange and swap functionality, users can now earn high APRs in the dDEXX yield farms and liquidity pools by providing liquidity to various trading pairs in the dVest ecosystem, in addition to the transaction fees they earn by providing liquidity in the first place. “Our goal is to create a completely decentralized economic system that is self- sustainable, self-balancing, and can reward token holders and participants well, while remaining economically sound over the long term," said Herbert Law, CEO of dVest and CPI Dev Team, Ltd. “We will be introducing additional features and expanding the platform fairly rapidly over the next several weeks and months,” he added. The dVest team is currently developing the Ethereum network version of the DEX and plans to roll that out in the next month, and they are also looking into expanding the platform to other networks as well. Check out dDEXX at For more information about the dVest project, visit ABOUT dVEST The dVest ecosystem consists of the DeFiVest liquidity protocol, the dDEXX decentralized exchange, and the Crypto Price Index project. dVest tokens power the dVest ecosystem and earn rewards for token holders from dVest exchange revenues, liquidity mining, staking, and more.   Media Contact : Contact Name: Herbert Law Contact Email: Tweet

Jun 17, 2021

Man/Woman-Shaped Roaster Sticks With Funny Design – Naughty Cooking Gift Launch

Fanatic Buying has announced the launch of a two-piece set of DIY roasting sticks with mischievous design that can complement any barbecue event and turn it into a fun day with friends.

Jun 17, 2021

Texas Life Coaching – Mindset/Personal Development Sessions Launched

Life, mindset, and relationship coach, Peter Helfrich (+1-800-849-1669), based in San Angelo, TX, has launched updates to his services. Sessions cover personal development and couples coaching.

Jun 17, 2021

Cryptocurrency news : CPM Reinvents Crowdfunding with New Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency

Token provides guaranteed returns for investors using a Multi-Level Marketing approachNew York City, New York Jun 18, 2021 ( - CPM, a member-owned organization, today announced the launch of its new CPM coin, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that promises to reinvent the crowdfunding process. CPM enables investors to back new ventures while providing entrepreneurs with a new way to get funded. The organization is on track to get hundreds of thousands of projects funded on a single platform. CPM coin owners get the opportunity to build a portfolio of multiple funds inside of one token. Through this approach, they can become shareholders in many different industries across the world. CPM has no owner. Rather, its main purpose is to support members who seek guaranteed returns for their investment in the currency. "We're a bit like a private club for people who have commercial or personal projects," said a spokesperson for CPM. "We enable our owner/members to harness the power of the collective for success." CPM is taking a three-pronged approach toward generating funds: crowdfunding, cryptocurrency and multi-level marketing (MLM). Unlike traditional MLM programs, however, CPM will only need a predetermined number of people to start. After this number is reached, CPM will close the door to new entrants. Only registered members will be able to participate in the program. Through this approach, CPM members gain the ability to collaborate exclusively on projects with other members.   The bonus and airdrop of the coin will be available for a limited time only.. Any purchaser of the new token will be offered the privilege of becoming a member of the CPM community during the current pre-launch phase. By becoming a member of the CPM group, investors will be able to participate in any fundraising program set up in the community. CPM tokens will be distributed as bonuses to new participants in the membership program exclusively during the pre-launch portion of the offering. Members of the general public will be able to purchase the CPM coin token and stack it at its lowest price in the hope of a massive increase after the project starts. Until the launch of the CPM project, the CPM coin token starting value will be 0.00002 ETH and be only influenced by the exchange on the major exchanges or directly on their site. "Here's the advantage of owning a CPM coin token: The token is backed by so many projects that, even if one project has less-than-stellar results, the others will help maintain the token's value. Investors will be able to invest in multiple sectors without having to master them all," the CPM spokesperson said. The Ethereum currency will be used in the starter programs to build liquidity. The CPM coin will be part of the protocol of Ethereum blockchain--the world's second-most-popular and traded cryptocurrency, with an average of 115 million daily transactions. CPM went with Ethereum because of its acceptance by major corporations, which translates into stability. Although other newer blockchains are cheaper and faster, new blockchains are difficult to maintain in the long run if they do not have major backers. According to market forecasts, by 2027, 10 percent of the global gross domestic product will be stored on the blockchain network. Currently, several bitcoin and blockchain companies have transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars and are worth billions of dollars. For more information about the CPM coin and to purchase it, visit or register now.Media ContactCryptoPoolMirror Adminsale@token.mycryptopoolmirror.com Source :CryptoPoolMirror This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Jun 17, 2021

Voltus Provides 2,000 MWs of Distributed Energy Resources Across All Nine US and Canadian Power Markets as Peak Demand Season Begins

Voltus, Inc. Better Energy, More Cash SAN FRANCISCO - June 18, 2021 - ( Voltus, Inc., the leading distributed energy resource (DER) platform, announces today that it will provide over 2,000 megawatts (MWs) of DERs to the North American electric grid this summer, making it one of the fastest growing DER aggregators in industry history. "We've secured over 2,000 MWs in less than five years because we have a software platform that can deliver every category of DERs to every market in the U.S. and Canada. We offer a unique opportunity for our national accounts and our DER partners to monetize these assets, regardless of location, on one unified platform," explains Gregg Dixon, Voltus Chief Executive Officer. "Two thousand megawatts is where our scale really kicks in," says Chief Product Officer, Dana Guernsey. "Scale allows us to provide a more reliable resource to each of these grids while optimizing the value of each individual DER. The result is more cash delivered to more customers and partners." The need for more megawatts this summer is already in effect across many parts of North America. Last week, the Voltus portfolio was dispatched to support the MISO grid, providing nearly 140 MWs of DERs in response to rising temperatures and plant outages. This week, ERCOT customers curtailed electricity consumption to avoid coincident peak charges amid public appeals for conservation. "DERs proved their worth during the California and Texas energy crises last year, flattening the demand curve, and keeping the lights on for millions of people," reflects Dixon. "Our portfolio of the highest-quality DER assets is primed and ready to assist grid operators with the challenge of ensuring grid reliability this summer." About Voltus Voltus is the leading platform connecting distributed energy resources to electricity markets, delivering less expensive, more reliable, and more sustainable electricity. Our commercial and industrial customers and grid services partners generate cash by allowing Voltus to maximize the value of their flexible load, distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle resources in these markets. To learn more, visit Voltus Media Relations Kelly YazdaniVice President of Press Release Service by Original Source: Voltus Provides 2,000 MWs of Distributed Energy Resources Across All Nine US and Canadian Power Markets as Peak Demand Season Begins

Jun 17, 2021

How JUUL created a teen vaping epidemic- Lawyer4Help USA

Sheridan, Wyoming Jun 18, 2021 ( - A study in 2018 from Tobacco Control concluded that the "US market for vaping devices with stealthy characteristics is anything but inconspicuous, with Juul alone accounting for 70.5% of sales." Also, the study said the increase in vaping last year was "the largest ever recorded for any substance like this in the past 44 years" that it has tracked adolescent drug use. In the lawsuit for her teenage son's death, Lisa Marie Vail claimed the design made it difficult for parents to catch their kids vaping and help them stop before it was too late. Juul is easily concealable from parents and teachers and can be used practically anywhere," the complaint in Vail v. Juul Labs stated. "Unlike traditional cigarettes, the scent does not linger on the body or in the breath of the user, making it undetectable after use.  Before launching it, its manufacturer, then called Pax Labs, said in a news release about how "new chemistry and patented technology" would create a "compelling alternative to traditional cigarettes." Irony Is, Juul is now the only alternative smoking product that delivers a nicotine experience truly akin to a cigarette, with two times the nicotine strength and three times the vapor quality of leading competitive products," the news release read. Any age group can find tons of videos on 'hiding Juul in school' or 'how to ghost rip Juul' & "how to Juul anywhere without detection."  The FDA announced recently that it is important to eliminate illegal sales of e-cigarettes to teenagers and the "kid-friendly marketing and appeal of these products" because we all can see clear signs that youth use of electronic cigarettes has reached an epidemic proportion. After recent unexplained illnesses and deaths attributed to vaping, the CDC and the American Medical Association are expressing serious concerns recommending that people avoid vaping entirely. Lawyer4 Help providing Personal Injury Lawyer in USA for JUUL e-cigarette lawsuit. Alok Koshti, director of Lawyer4help, believes that it's important to throw more light on this and save youth from this deadly e-cigarette. He added more "Lawyer4help is one message away from any parents in the USA. It's our promise to provide the best consultation and suitable Lawyers for the JUUL e-cigarette lawsuit.        Media (307) 828 14761309 Coffeen Avenue Ste 1200, Sheridan, Wyoming, US - 82801 Source :Lawyer4help This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Jun 17, 2021

Sportsflare and Gaming Stars Announce Bet-on-Yourself Gaming Partnership

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - June 18, 2021 - ( Tiidal Gaming NZ Limited dba Sportsflare ("Sportsflare"), a division of Tiidal Gaming Group Inc ("Tiidal") and a B2B esports data and technology provider, has announced a partnership with Global Esports Entertainment GmbH ("Gaming Stars"). Their agreement will see Sportsflare provide dynamic odds pricing and automated risk management services for Gaming Stars, a leading B2C platform where casual gamers can bet on their own matches for popular battle royale titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. By expanding into the rapidly growing bet-on-yourself sector of the esports market, Sportsflare extend their reach into the gaming industry. Sportsflare currently provides a suite of esports betting, analytics, and media products through their advancements in proprietary AI and ML technologies. Artem Morgunov, Founder of Gaming Stars, added: "We are delighted to announce our partnership with Sportsflare. Their understanding of gamers and expertise in the industry will significantly allow us to grow the Gaming Stars brand to become a leader in the bet-on-yourself space." Kenny Jang, co-founder of Sportsflare added: "This opportunity to work with Gaming Stars on a new concept of esports betting is hugely exciting for us. Growing the Gaming Stars platform through an innovative gaming concept is a great way for us to expand on our offerings and showcase the advancements we've made in the esports betting industry." Press Release Service by Original Source: Sportsflare and Gaming Stars Announce Bet-on-Yourself Gaming Partnership

Jun 17, 2021

US Family Giftware Range – Customized Shirts And Homeware Collection Launched

Pennsylvania’s GearStore44, have launched a new range of customizable family giftware including t-shirts, hoodies and mugs suitable for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Jun 17, 2021

420 with CNW — Licensed Cannabis Sellers in Canada Put Squeeze on Black Market Operators

Although cannabis has been illegal in most territories until a decade or so ago, it has been the most-used drug across the globe for years. Demand for the controversial plant has always been high, and since consumers had no legal place to source cannabis, they turned to the black market. As such, the illicit cannabis […]

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