Mr. Chem-Dry Offers Tile Cleaning Services For Park City Utah Homes

Nov 11, 2019

November 12, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mr. Chem-Dry, a professional carpet cleaning services provider in Park City, Utah, has announced that they are also offering Park City Utah tile cleaning services. They are offering tile cleaning services for homes because they understand how difficult it is to clean the dirt, stains, and gunk that are stuck on tile surfaces. Permeable tile, grout and stone can serve as a magnet for dust, dirt, and filthy fragments from food and more. These have to be removed because they can serve as breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and other microorganisms.

Daryl Olsen, president of Mr. Chem-Dry, says, “By making use of specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment, we can blast the dirt and grime from your stone, tile and grout, delivering a gleaming clean and extending its life. You can protect the health of your family and the beauty of your home with grout, stone and tile cleaning services from Mr. Chem-Dry.”

With the tile cleaning services offered by Mr. Chem-Dry, keeping the tiles, grout and stone clean need not be very difficult. It is important to get the kitchen areas, bathrooms, walls and other tile and stone surfaces skillfully cleaned every 12 to 18 months to ensure a long-lasting shine. This will significantly minimize the amount of effort that is needed to keep those areas clean and looking great. To ensure that those surfaces will keep their cleanliness and great looks for a long time, the professionals from Mr. Chem-Dry will apply a resilient sealant to serve as a barrier from dust, dirt and debris that can stain and affect the appearance of the tile, grout and stone.

Aside from the tile cleaning Park City Utah homeowners can depend on, a common service offered by Mr. Chem-Dry is carpet stain removal. Homeowners know how difficult it is to remove stains. Sometimes, efforts to clean the stain will actually result into a bigger mess than the original stain.

Mr. Chem-Dry has a reputation of being one of the world’s top carpet and upholstery cleaning companies. By using their most effective and most powerful equipment and best cleaning solutions they are able to provide the best clean for carpet and upholstery. Their unique cleaning solution makes use of the power of carbonation to extract more dirt and grime from the carpet by getting down deep into the fibers. This offers the advantage of requiring only half the amount of moisture that is required by other steam cleaners. This means the carpet will dry much faster, thus preventing the growth of mold or mildew under the carpet. The kind of cleaning solution that they use is also safe and non-toxic even for children and pets.

And there is also the rug cleaning service offered by Mr. Chem-Dry. Rugs are actually quite different from carpets. They are usually a lot more detailed than carpets and there is more value attached to them. Thus, it is vital to treat rugs with loving care and this means avoiding cleaning a rug the wrong way. Thus, it is imperative to have rugs cleaned by professionals. Some can be cleaned using steam while others will require a different cleaning technique.

Aside from the trouble that stains on rugs can mean for the cleaner, there is also the possibility of having microscopic allergens in the rug and these can get released when the rug is stepped on. Or people can bring in dirt and allergens that can affect the health of the family members. That is why it is essential to have the rugs cleaned by professionals.

And for families who love pets, Mr. Chem-Dry offers pet urine removal treatment (PURT). Pet lovers all know that pets can get their urine in various parts of the home, including carpets and rugs. The longer these are not cleaned, the urine smell can get deeper into the floorings, rugs and carpets. The company offers PURT to get rid of those odors in a safe and non-toxic way.

People who are interested in the various services including the tile cleaning Park City Utah homeowners can rely on can check out the Mr. Chem-Dry website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Chem-Dry of Park City, contact the company here:

Chem-Dry of Park City
Daryl Olsen
1776 Park Ave #4-336
Park City, Utah 84060

ReleaseID: 60031875

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