Savannah Chiropractor Explains How Poor Breathing Can Affect Health

Jan 23, 2020

January 24, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Savannah, Georgia based Arrowhead Clinic is reaching out to the community to discuss how a poor breathing technique can affect their health and how their quality of life can improve by practicing deep breathing. Learn more here: Arrowhead Clinic Savannah.

While breathing is an activity that usually does not require much thought, as it comes naturally for any form of life in one way or another, the chiropractors of the Arrowhead Clinic have published a new blog entry that challenges this piece of common knowledge. According to their experts, the way someone breathes can have a deep and meaningful impact on their health. Beyond this, they assert that most of the population has been breathing incorrectly for their entire lives, taxing their body and placing unnecessary stress on their systems. While this is hard to believe, these are the claims that the center’s chiropractors make on their new blog entry, titled, "Does The Way I Breathe Affect My Health?"

Dr. Roy Vogel, a practitioner of the local chiropractor clinic, states, "Maybe it's something you've never thought of if you are in the gross of the population, but the way you breathe does have a significant effect on your health. If you are among the majority of the population, it is very likely that you have never even thought about the possibility of there being multiple breathing techniques, let alone consider the fact that you have been breathing incorrectly for your entire life."

Dr. Vogel notes that, while this is typically not an issue nor something that should be a common point of concern for any given person, adopting healthier breathing techniques can have a significant effect on an individual’s life. With only a few minutes a day, these breathing techniques can have a meaningful impact on both their physical and mental health, reducing the stress placed on their body and bestowing other positive benefits. "If you practiced any other activity daily like running or swimming as you do breathing, you would have already researched into the most effective way to do it," says Dr. Vogel, adding that, since it is just breathing and it comes naturally, most people stick with what they have done since birth without researching further.

As the Arrowhead Clinic outlines in their article, most people limit their breathing to the chest, reducing their oxygen intake and adding unnecessary tension to their diaphragm. This can lead to tightness around the person's aorta and restrict movement around their large bowel, potentially leading to high blood pressure and constipation. Over time, this leads to overuse of the person's accessory muscles when they breathe, relying heavily on their neck and shoulders. This causes fatigue and leads to pain and tiredness, caused by no apparent reason. This is an issue that is further emphasized in individuals with impaired breathing, such as those suffering from asthma or emphysema.

"We have seen countless patients come in experiencing these symptoms, being extremely fatigued at the end of the day for no apparent reason and having muscle soreness without working out," says Dr. Vogel. "Pinpointing the source of these symptoms can be hard, and most people are skeptical when we mention that it may have something to do with their breathing technique, but we also have the research and knowledge to back up our perspective."

The Savannah chiropractor states that, once they deem a patient's discomfort to be caused by their breathing technique, improving their condition is a relatively easy endeavor. Deep breathing exercises are the most common way to reduce their tiredness, fatigue and muscle aches, as a few minutes of practice a day will have a meaningful impact on several aspects of a patient's life. Beyond reducing their fatigue and muscle stress, these exercises also help reduce anxiety and emotional stress. The chiropractic center also believes that it helps protect the back and promotes healthier sitting and standing postures.

Further information on breathing techniques and how they can affect a person's health can be found on the center’s website. Interested parties can also reach out to Dr. Rachel Banks of Arrowhead Clinic to follow up on any further inquiries they may have.


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