SLFORCE Launches New Personal Alarm For Women, Children And Elderly

Jan 23, 2020

January 24, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Online security device manufacturer SLFORCE LTD is delighted to announce that they have just released a new version of their popular personal alarm. It is currently rated as the Number 1 New Release on Amazon and has already received over 18 reviews from those who are delighted with the improvements. It is sure to become as popular as earlier models, which boast thousands of positive reviews online. Find out more about their new personal alarm here:

A spokesperson for the company says, “Our business is in helping keep you and your family safe. It is our top priority because, in today’s uncertain world, even everyday situations can become a safety risk. We know that an attacker’s worst enemy is attention, which is why our products are simple, instant solutions that require no thinking when panic sets in. We take the feedback from every person who has used our products seriously. It has simply made us want to work harder to ensure that our customers around the globe get the opportunity to obtain our high quality alarms.”

Their latest alarm features a 130dB screaming siren, which is as loud as a military jet aircraft take-off, giving those in peril precious seconds to flee the scene as it attracts attention. The handy LED light it features helps light the way in the dark, pulling double duty as a flashlight that can help keep loved ones safe on the inevitable after-dark dog walk and so on.

Through Amazon, the latest SLFORCE Safe Personal Alarm comes in a handy pack of 5, providing alarms in a range of colors that suit any outfit or situation. Learn more here: The 5-pack makes them affordable for family groups who can choose from black, silver, gold, purple or blue as their Safesound Personal Alarm. They are also available individually in black or rose gold, two of the most popular colors consumers demand. The 5-pack makes the perfect gift for any occasion, particularly for teenagers and those heading off to college or going out on holiday.

The SLFORCE alarms come with a 100% money-back guarantee for six months, allowing owners ample time to seek a full refund, no questions asked. The company states that they will do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. This professional approach is appreciated by those who have already purchased the new model.

One of the reviews rated most helpful thus far is from Theresa Graiano, who headlines her 5-Star review: “Must have for safety!” In today’s increasingly dangerous world, millions agree. Theresa goes on to say, “Holy crow! This is loud! It would definitely stop someone who may be doing something wrong, and it will definitely get someone’s attention fast! This is a must have for all who are traveling, bike riding, jogging—even for everyday use! You never know when you might need help! It comes with a strap you can put around your wrist or attach to your pocketbook or school book bag! it’s all in one flashlight, key chain and alarm! Well made, excellent design! The alarm is loud!”

Another verified purchaser on Amazon, Lizzy, says in their own 5-Star review, “I like how the packaging is sleek-looking with the darker colors. This product is good to give to any child who maybe walks home alone or a college student who goes out at night, as they can pull the pin if needed and it lets off a very loud alarm noise! This comes with five included so that you can give one to several children/adults. I feel like these are a great idea to carry around! They also have a flashlight built in, so that is a bonus, I feel. You have that to help see at night.”

There are bound to be thousands more reviews posted soon as more people find out about the latest model. Through the Amazon storefront, or through the company’s own website at, anyone around the globe can purchase and enjoy their products.

To find out more about SLFORCE, customers may explore the information provided on their website, which also includes details regarding their discounts on bulk orders. SLFORCE invites everyone to connect with them on Facebook Instagram and Pinterest to stay up to date with their latest products, news and announcements.


For more information about SLFORCE LTD, contact the company here:

saadia gaon 17, mevaseret zion, 9072317 israel

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