Veratech has released a fun trivia app called Triviata

Nov 11, 2019

Veratech has released a fun trivia app called Triviata, which lets you earn crystals that you can convert to cryptocurrency and cash while you compete to score big as a trivia master!

London. November 7, 2019. — App development company, Veratech, has released a fun trivia app called Triviata, that lets you earn crystals as you build up your bounty by answering questions of all types. Triviata is available for download under the Trivia genre on both the iTunes store and the Google Play Store. Enjoy all the trivia questions you can handle in subject knowledge areas like History, Entertainment, General Knowledge, Entertainment, Sports, Science and much more.

The Triviata trivia app users with plenty of opportunities to show off your trivia knowledge to your friends, family members and fierce competitors as you rise to the top of the scoreboard, while earning crystals. A bold colored dashboard with the Trivista app lets you check how you are doing with earning crystals and becoming a trivia master.

Veratech has also added a way that lets you earn crystals, which you can turn into cryptocurrency called VRA. Once you have earned enough VRA through building up your bounty of crystals, you can convert your VRA into BTC or USD. This app is all about helping you make real money by referring your friends to this fun, Triviata trivia app.

Use your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone day or night to check your referral earnings. No matter what time of day, you get 10% of all the crystals that your referrals make as they watch ads. Creating a VeraWallet account is easy to do to store your VRA by scoring big with Triviata trivia.

The Triviata trivia was created at a point in history when the cryptocurrency markets are still in their relative infancy, but there is a lot of wealth to be made by using the app and sharing your referral links with others as you compete by answering trivia questions.

Here are just a few of the many exciting features of the Triviata app:

Sleek UI design for playing and watching videos

Win crystals that can be converted to cryptocurrency

Play and compete in Trivia anywhere, anytime

Get free crypto

Challenge others to earn crystals, cryptocurrency, and cash

It’s free to download and play

Veratech wanted a fun trivia app like Triviata that will have you competing with your friends on an Apple or Android mobile devices while you earn cryptocurrency and cash while you watch video ads and complete simple tasks!

This fun app may have you wondering why you didn’t you didn’t try your luck and test your memory skills sooner. The Triviata trivia game app is available for download for everyone, so play and share your referral links, today!

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